Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Girls are the Worst"

Today I faced panic as I have yet to deal with inside a classroom. The veteran teachers always warned me that the female students were the worst, and to some extent I believed them as I observed crazy antics from the girls in my class. (The 14-year-old who got picked up for selling crack was a girl)

However I didn’t truly believe it until today. ED girls can seriously take leave of their senses. In the midst of a Global Studies lesson there was a knock on my door, and stupidly I answered it. In poured a half dozen of the female population, completely disregarding me as I inquired, coaxed and shouted at the students to leave.

The girls dragged one of my students out, inciting her into a huge brawl that took place outside my classroom while I yelled for security to PLEASE come help me. And even more nuts is a 6 month pregnant girl started the fight. Reflexively, another student pushed me out of the way (saving me) from some pretty hard knocks.

Three minutes later two assistant principals, the principal, the dean, the head of security, two security guards and a freaked out teacher (me) were in my classroom dealing with the pregnant student who had a gash on her belly and had fainted in the floor, crying.

Now, I don’t know this girl. I’ve seen her around, but don’t share the bond I feel with my own students. But I was real scared about this girl and her baby, and all thumbs…without anything to do except wipe her brow with a wet cloth and write up the incident.

My student, the non-pregnant one came to me and wanted a high-five for mopping the floor with the other girl. I could only hollowly reason to her that fighting with a pregnant girl was wrong, even if she started it. I never thought I’d have a discussion like that with anyone.


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