Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mad Props to My Talented Students!

So my class had a little riot today, kids throwing books, standing on chairs, stealing shoes and shouting at the decibel level of a shuttle launch. I think the kids were a little keyed up because there is a field trip tomorrow, their first. And I promised if it went well (meaning no deaths or shoplifting) we could go see Happy Feet in a few weeks.

But all craziness aside I really have to give it up to my students…we had a Biology project due on the 5 Classification Kingdoms of Living Organisms, (plants, animals, monerans, fungi and protists) and many of them really came through academically.

Some did raps:

“I’m a fungi and I’m a fun guy, I can’t make my own food, but I’m a real fun dude”


“One cell, no nucleus…I’m gonna make you move to this! This rhyme you’ll be honorin’, this is what I call a moneran”

And who could forget…?

“Animals…they are cannibals! If you don’t live in the jungle they are no fan of you. Animals move, run, and breathe; Humans go to the zoo, feed and leave”

One student made a play (a la Jerry Springer) where the five groups started insulting each other. ‘What you sayin’ Moneran? You ain’t even got no brain!”

But the best project was a crazy-awesome poster done by a fantastically funny student duo…once it was done I marched them down to the principal to show off my talented kids…and the principal was laughing so hard. (and my kids made me look good. Lord Bless them!)

So, here are a few photos of the FANTASTIC A++ efforts my Special Ed kids made:


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