Monday, October 16, 2006

A Walking Drug Prevention Advertisment

One of my better students, known for getting his work done most of the time, and rarely throwing chairs came into class high as a kite today. Now, I’m not the most observant teacher in Brooklyn, and I can probably bet you that I’ve had students come in under the influence and put their head down…and I was none the wiser. However, when my student has a track record of at least starting his work, but instead comes in shrieking the chorus to “Lean On Me” at the top of his puberty-laden throat…I can get the drift. Especially if they reek so bad of pot that another student requests I "spray the high nigga down with Lysol or some shit.” Poetic, not really, but apt nonetheless.

My response to the rest of the class? Telling them that Marvin was a lesson in drug prevention…a walking anti-drug campaign in the form of relentless idiocy and futureless caterwauling.

And when the class laughed at Marvin’s antics and general foolery (i.e. falling off desks, goofy grins, and shouting at windows) I made sure he knew that his classmates were laughing at him, not with him.


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