Friday, September 01, 2006

Finishing Touches on My Classroom (With Photos!)

Oh, boy! Where to begin?!

For the most part my classroom is set up, even though I had to leave school early to get the results of my TB skin test. (I do not harbor a Tuberculosis infection, thank you very much.) I would have loved the extra time in my classroom, but on the other hand, who wants to catch Consumption?

Two things of note:

1. I am legally supposed to only have 12 students in my class, that's why it's called a 12 to 1 to 1 class. However, I have 16 students on my roster, and 9 desks. Green as I am, I asked an AP what was going on and where I'd put my kids and apparently, they aren't expecting half of the students to ever show up. I say, we'll see; hopefully we won't have students sitting on the floor come the middle of September.

2. While I have cluster teachers to instruct both math and Physical education, apparently (unbeknownst to me) I am going to be teaching a music class three times a week. That's kinda funny since I have no musical training, I figure I'll end up showing The Wiz and singin' some karaoke with the students.

Below are the very first photos of damn-near completed classroom...all I need up is the student work!

This is my classroom...It's devoid of broken glass, unlike where they stuck me at first. I'm pretty giddy and excited about the whole thing. And freaked out. And in love.

My desk! I have a desk! I must be a *real* teacher if I get a desk! (All part of faking it 'til you make it)

The only non-hokey, non-religious motivational poster at the teacher supply store in Brooklyn. I could see myself pointing to it when a student goes off. And yes, I realize that may not be the best course of action.

Today I learned my school is part of the Power of Choice program and that school procedure is to have a sign in class to promote it.

Corny, maybe. But it gets the point across fairly well. (If you can't read the smaller print it says "even if you miss you'll fall among the stars." Let it be said I am very serious about raising the bar for my students... High aspirations to begin with are crucial.

This is the Mystery Box. It took me 2 hours to gift wrap a good sized box, cut out and paint question marks and glue it all down. My main plan here is to make receiving a prize from the Mystery Box to be a desirable goal as opposed to some dumb thing in school. While the Mystery Box may be filled with Dollar Store trinkets, I hope the Mystery makes it more of a positive reward. I plan on circulating the prizes and keeping the box locked up so it always maintains an aura of mystique.

Things to buy this weekend:

1. A wall clock

2. 2 Padlocks

3. $20 worth of dollar store prizes

4. Spray deoderant for students who need hygeine reminders.


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