Saturday, August 26, 2006

Free Goodies from Staples, and Blog Links

You know, Staples does pretty good by teachers. I went to Staples somewhat near my apartment, mainly because they were giving out teacher goodies, but also because I wanted to finish up my supply shopping. Reminder to self: save those receipts!

Staples goodies:
-2 pens, one black, one red
-1 box of multi-colored paperclips
-1 note pad that says: “Time For a Quick Hello!” on it
-1 “doo-doo brown,” as my one-and-only calls it, canvas shoulder bag with STAPLES emblazoned on the side
-1 “color explosion” red marker, from the package it’s supposed to make “colors magically appear” on special paper.
-1 very flimsy Teacher Planner that states “Because I have 52 weekends to plan.” Who thinks this stuff up? This is a cruel joke rubbing it in my face that I’ll be using my weekend working on class planning. Bastards.
-3 generic pink erasers
-1 index card box. ??? How is this useful?
-1 small plastic-wrap package of tissues.
-6 Staples Brand pencils
-9 flyers to promote Staples or products that Staples sells.

At the end of the day, though, I’m glad I picked up the stuff and I can appreciate a company who sees teachers as a market to be catered to.

Next point of business: look right and you’ll see a list of links I’ve updated. I’ve been looking around for the most helpful blogs that give info to new teachers, or teachers new to NYC. I feel like we need to band together, Us vs. Them and all that. (Them could mean students, it could mean parents of students, or it could mean administration…I’m leaving this open.) Feel free to browse, I often look at other blogs just for another point of view. And there are a few personal blogs that I browse for my own pleasure-reading...they are high quality and fun.

Also, notice my addopt a classroom button...If you're a big business who wants to help a special needs classroom, or another teacher who could use the help...please click the link.

Link plugging is officially over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I've added it to my list. :)

Good luck to you too! EEEE!!!! We're finally starting! (I nabbed the adopt a classroom thing too.)

Saturday, August 26, 2006 12:11:00 PM  

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