Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Last Day of Student Teaching

Today was my last time of teaching at the school as a Fellow. September I return as a teacher, no longer observing or teaching with supervision.

I gave my cooperating teacher and para great thanks for leading me through these weeks, and teaching me so much more than the course work. The cathartic debriefing sessions, and the plethora of questioned they answered for me were crucial to my mental health and preparation for teaching. When I return in the fall, I will be on the same floor as my mentor teacher, for which I am grateful.

Reactions to my departure were mixed. Scarfing down the cupcakes I brought Sha-sha told me flat out that I would miss her. The jokes on her, I will. She shook my hand when I left, and I thanked her for the experience of knowing her and all I learned from it. The student, she who gave me the biggest run for my money laughed at that! But I was genuine, nonetheless. Sha-sha was my greatest challenge, and she kept it interesting (to say the least.)

The school was dismissed early because of the heat and impending power outages, so Ms. C the Teaching Fellow went out with a breeze of humid, hot air more than a bang.


Anonymous Tim said...

Well I guess its time to change the discription of who you are no longer the teaching fellow any more. Time to become the teacher you can be. Glad in the end it seems you and Sha-Sha were able to get over your issues. If you can over come that you should be fine.


Thursday, August 03, 2006 6:54:00 PM  

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